Troubadour Theatre Company's Julius Weezer (2019)
"Costume designer Halei Parker has outdone herself with the abundance of jokes built into her looks from Andy Robinson's costume for Caesar's death scene set to Weezer's "Undone - the Sweater Song," to Joseph Leo Bwarie's glitter eye shadow and Roman rock star garb as Caesar's nephew Octavius Caesar, to Rick Batalla's sheer pink caplet sleeves for Brutus' effeminate servant Lucius." 

- Ellen Dostal, Broadway World


"Tragedy and comedy zanily commingle when Robinson’s Caesar heads to a Senate session dressed in a wrap-around cloak-sweater-chenille bedspread. He soon finds himself encircled by dagger-armed conspirators, who pull red bungee cords from the cloak — his spouting wounds — while everyone sings Weezer’s “Undone — The Sweater Song.” That, in a nutshell, is the Troubies."

- Daryl H. Miller, Los Angeles Times



A Theatre Connection's Exit the King (2013) 

"...a handsome set by Christopher Murillo and goth-accented costumes by Halei Parker lend the proceedings a smart polish. "

Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly


"This production is outstanding. ...A story that explores the boundaries of existentialism without divulging in didactics can be tricky. But they pull it off. Long live the king."

- M Jarrett Christensen, The Tolucan Times



Chalk Rep's Gallery Secrets (2013)

"Great care was taken with period costumes in each piece, and as far as I could tell, not a thread was out of place in a sparkly prom dress or early 1900s suit.  This detail is of great importance as the actors move among the audience in confined spaces, in some cases even interacting with them.  Leading each group from location to location, there are characters much like muses, something of a cross between tour guides and toned-down Cirque du Soleil-style clowns, offering a few laughs—and sometimes a few shivers—and setting the stage for each new time era and piece."

- Jenny Platt, LifeInLA


"Gallery Secrets is a satisfying gift."

- Don Shirley, LA Stage Times


"The bold and artful collaboration between the museum and Chalk Rep brings an unrestrained creativity in the stories that are heartfelt, clever, and biting. In the end, the space, topics, and performances compel us to see and feel the museum in a deeper, more reverent way. "

- Kenneth Hughes, Flavorpill


"A running theme is the notion that spirits inhabit the place, an evocative and engaging idea. And one has to admire the timing and coordination it took to keep everything running smoothly. Halel Parker’s costumes, so important for evoking the various time periods, are fine, and the directors (Andrew Borba, Jennifer Chang, Janet Hayatshahi, Jeff Wienckowski) have done a good job with the actors. Overall, it’s a captivating evening of site-specific theater at one of the most intriguing sites in town. "

- Kurt Gardner, BlogCritics



Chalk Rep's Lady Windermere's Fan (2013)

"I’ve rarely found cause to mention costume design in my reviews of L.A. theater, and perhaps it’s because this aspect of production is so often overlooked in favor of great scripts and powerful performances.  Thankfully, director Jennifer Chang teamed up with freelance costume designer Halei Parker to show the local theater scene what costuming is all about. Bright colors, a mingling of both modern and retro styles, and high society couture dazzled the audience, particularly during Lady Windermere’s party.  I was entranced by some of the ladies’ fluorescent fishnet party socks, but was mostly in awe of their flamboyant hats.  Each lady’s outfit was topped off with an indulgent hat or scarf.  Lady Agatha’s called to mind the Munchkins’ flowerpot headpieces in The Wizard of Oz, while the pièce de résistance was Lady Windermere’s cleverly designed fan hat.  Such care was taken to ensure that each actor stood out, not only in performance, but in costume as well, and this was an integral part of a truly immersive production that I must highly recommend to theater aficionados and Wilde fans alike."

- Jenny Platt, LifeInLA


"Apart from providing an atmospheric backdrop for Wilde's epigrammatic assault on late-Victorian bourgeois respectability, director Jennifer Chang's environmental, modern-dress (courtesy of costumer Halei Parker) staging lends an engaging, naturalistic buffer to the brittleness of the play's 19th-century melodramatic tropes while rooting the wealth of its Wildean bon mots in a soil of contemporary psychological truth."

- Bill Raden, LA Weekly


"I won’t go on about this production, as it’s sold out except for a few tickets available on the days of performances at 5 pm. But I vote for a return engagement next summer. If Theatre 40’s The Manor can keep returning to Greystone in Beverly Hills year after year, why couldn’t Chalk Rep’s Lady Winderemere's Fan do the same at the Clark?"

- Don Shirley, LA Stage Times