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Produced by Chalk Repertory Theatre
Performed at the Neutra Institute Museum
Directed by Larissa Kokernot
Costume Design by Halei Parker
Prop Design by Zachary Istrin
Sound Design by Melanie Chen
Scotty Crowe as YefimOwiso Odeera as AstrovRuth Coughlin as Sonya and Richard Wharton as SerebryakovMaz Siam as Waffles and Alexis Gayna as MarinaHilary Ward as YelenaAndrew Borba as Uncle VanyaAstrov and Uncle VanyaWaffles, Sonya, and AstrovEva Barnes as MariaYelena and SerebryakovYelena and VanyaYelena and AstrovSerebryakov and VanyaSonyaVanya"We will live"