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Produced by Chalk Repertory theatre and performed at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History

4 plays, playwrights, directors, time periods, and museum galleries in 1 experience.
Joseph Gilbert, Amy Ellenberger, and Rod Menzies in A Vast HoardAmy Ellenberger in A Vast HoardMelina Bielefelt and Amy Ellenberger in A Vast HoardFull Cast of A Vast HoardKatie Sigismund and Joel Gelman in Skins and BonesBlaire Chandler as Marie in Under the GlassTony Amendola as the Colonel and Blaire Chandler as Marie in Under the GlassBlaire Chandler as Marie in Under the GlassAngel Felix as Fabiola in Prom SeasonAngel Felix as Fabiola and Marie Ponce as Genesis in Prom Season