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Performed at the Mandell Weiss Theatre in San Diego, California in 2012.

Directed by Anthony Luciano
Costume Design by Halei Parker
Scenic Design by Gaeun Kim
Lighting Design by Sherrice Kelly
Sound Design by Nicholas Dean Drashner
The StudentsWendla and Mrs. BergmannThe BoysWendla, Thea, and MarthaMrs. Bergmann and WendlaWendla and MelchiorWendla and MelchiorMrs. GaborHansy RilowThe FacultyProfessors Blodget, Brokenbohn, and Reverend BleekheadHeadmaster Hart-PayneMrs. GaborWendla and Doctor SeltzerMelchior and the Reform School BoysIlsaThe Masked FigureWendla